Sports Solutions

Performance that keeps you ahead

Keeping track of your performance,stats, So That You Know everything about your efforts.

Developing specialized apps for sports and the athletes so that every little detail can be worked upon. Smartwatch and wearable tech applications provide you a plethora of ways to work with individuals even when they are on the move.

  • Score Updates

    Keep yourself updated with the scores and other information.

  • Fouls

    Track your performance on the pitch and be better in every game.

  • Performance Comparison

    Compare individuals, so you know who’s performing and why.

  • Stats & Figures

    Complete stats and figures in front of you so that you never miss anything.

  • Push Notifications

    Always stay notified about upcoming events and your milestones.

  • Complications

    Get all the necessary information and insight through always in-display complications.

  • Location Updates

    Wherever you go, either on foot or otherwise, be constantly aware of where you are.

  • Workout Sessions

    Manage and track your workout sessions through a number of options.

  • In App Purchases

    Unlock and unleash amazing new features with convenient in-app purchases.


Sports app solutions with a full spectrum of information, data management.

From soccer to basketball and other sports, know all the facts and technical figures about your favorite players and teams so that you have inside out knowledge of every nitty-gritty. An app-based solution that makes you see it from an all-new perspective keeps you ahead of others.

  • Pedomoter
  • Activity
  • GPS
  • Steps Count

    Monitor your steps count and keep a check on your distance traveled.

  • Cardio Information

    According to your running, manage and monitor your cardio and other vital signs.

  • Match Stats

    From start to end, get a comprehensive insight into your match stats.

  • Spirinting Stats

    Sprinting away from the opponents, but the app knows everything.


Get yourself a personalized solution,app & get unlimited benefits.

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